Essential Thrombocythemia. It is a mouthful. Tough to pronounce, tougher to live with. And a dear friend of mine is doing just that. Living with it.

Simply put, ET is a blood disorder that causes the body to produce blood cells at abnormal rates. The extreme number of platelets in the blood stream can result in clot formations leading to complications such as heart attack and stroke. Symptoms include throbbing pain, headaches, dizziness, chest pain, weakness, fainting, vision changes, numbness in hands and feet, bruising and more.

My friend Cin, a dedicated vegetarian and all-around bad ass living with ET, has inspired me to take a month and follow a vegetarian diet in solidarity with her.. I wanted to do something that would be meaningful to both of us and this seemed to be a fitting way to honor her.

Soo…. follow along as I take a month to reflect and challenge myself.