Let me tell you something. I’ve really enjoyed food the last few weeks. Pasta. Polenta. Pad Thai. Real bread and rolls. Homey, comforting goodness.

What I haven’t enjoyed is the way it has made feel. The carbs have really done a number on me. I don’t feel great. I feel sluggish. I’ve gained weight. My blood glucose numbers are creeping up again.

I had honestly intended to do a vegetarian version of keto during the Month of Cin but, dear readers, I’ve failed miserably. It was a slippery slope and I didn’t resist it. Finally, last night, I decided that I needed to strengthen my resolve and just do it.

I’m exhausted, both mentally and physically, so today I’m turning to my stash of Keto Bricks. (The Keto Brick is a meal replacement with fantastic macros. It is shelf-stable and the couple behind the product are awesome folks.) Today I’ve got a Cinnamon Crunch brick and have stashed it in my desk at work. It has been great to have something to nibble on that doesn’t require a lot of mental or physical oomph. I’m wiped out, y’all. And looking forward to feeling better.