Who am I?

I’m Andrea. 

I live in Topeka, KS. I can think of a hundred other places where I could be happy but I am, for now, here. Instead of sneering at what could be considered small town life, I choose to focus on the beauty of where I am currently planted. That means a focus on creativity, food, restaurants, crafting, quilting, knitting and more.

I really enjoy cooking and feeding people. If you’re part of my life in any major or marginal way, I’ll probably be appearing with cookies or your favorite soup or something random at odd times. Ever heard the story about Rachmaninoff and Stravinsky? Seems Stravinsky had mentioned at a dinner party that he really liked honey. Rachmaninoff, wanting to be friends, showed up in the middle of the night at Stravinsky’s place with a large jar of natural honey. I identify with that. So much.

I have way too many spices. Seriously. I have a spice cabinet, an auxiliary spice cabinet, and this whole other disorganized cache of spice run-off.

I’ve had several blogs over the years and I think of them as trial-and-error. They’ve gotten a little fuzzy in terms of focus and I finally decided that I wanted a blog that cleanly focused on my life, as I live it. As of the New Year of 2019, I am getting back to the low carb lifestyle. I do, however, cook for people with a variety of diets so you’ll see a wide range of recipes here.

I have to admit that I have found writing recipe posts a little stressful because I felt pressure to come up with a fabulous story to proceed the actual recipe. And then… I started seeing people complain online about having to read through three pages of info before finally getting to what they came for. Yes! My people! My recipes posts will be short and to the point with a minimum of commentary, which I’ll save for other sections of the site.